About Us

About Us

Good Mowin’ was started by brothers Bill and Mike Materia in 2001. With the support of the community and word of mouth referrals, we‘ve been able to grow from a start-up to one of the premier services in the area. We’ve been able to maintain our loyal customer base by providing quality lawn care and taking the time to address our customers’ needs throughout the year. Good Mowin’ also provides landscaping and snow removal services to several commercial properties throughout New Jersey and we look forward to continued growth. We are committed to excellence at Good Mowin’ and we work hard to foster an environment that ensures the highest of standards are met on a daily basis.

Office Staff

Bill Materia


Bill started Good Mowin’ Lawn & Landscape with his brother Mike in 2001. Since then, Bill has been able to grow the company by focusing on providing high-quality, professional work to our customers. By being involved in all aspects of his business, Bill is able to ensure that Good Mowin’ consistently meets our customers’ expectations. Bill strongly believes in giving back to the community that has helped him become a successful business owner and is very generous in his support to local organizations and schools.

Mike Materia

Senior Field Supervisor

Mike’s primary focus with Good Mowin’ is being in the field with the landscaping crews on a daily basis. Field Supervision is the area of the landscaping industry that Mike loves and his ability to communicate clear expectations to his crews is a skill set the company values in keeping the day-to-day field operations running smoothly.

Joe Merwin

General Manager

With over 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry, Joe is the General Manager of Good Mowin’. He is an integral part of the team and is responsible for our year after year growth and continued success. Joe is also a licensed pesticide applicator and his expertise is highly regarded with our fertilizing customers when providing initial consultations as well as at on-site service calls. On any given day, Joe can be found multi-tasking in the office or out in the field providing essential leadership to the team.

Nichole DeMatthews

Office Manager

Nichole has been with Good Mowin' since March of 2012. After nine years in retail management, Nichole brings a balance of business acumen and customer service to our team. She is the liaison between Good Mowin’, our customers, and our business partners. She works hard with the rest of the team to ensure success on a daily basis.

What sets Good Mowin' apart from the rest?

• Quality, Top of the Line Products
• Top Technicians
• Detailed Records for Property Management
• Competitive Pricing
• Comprehensive Services
• Attention to Detail
• Insightful Communication

Small or large, Good Mowin' is good for YOU!

• Apartment Complexes
• Condominium Communities
• Small or Large Strip Malls
• Senior Citizen Communities
• Office Buildings
• New Commercial Construction Projects
• Homeowner Associations